Friday, July 20, 2007

More Philanthropist Friends

I am totally stealing this from my friend Kit's blog entry but I fugured some of you don't read her blog so it is ok.
When I lived in Alexandria I had a roommate, Eleanor, and she had a laid back and super fun friend named Lizzy. Lizzy and Eleanor, Kit, Melissa and I used to meet on Monday nights to play pool at Bedrock Billards in Adams Morgan. After Eleanor got married and moved out I lost track of Lizzy - until this morning when I read Kit's blog. Lizzy and her boyfriend Zack have sinced moved to New Orleans and started the St. Bernard Project. The scope of the project is to help people displaced by Huricane Katrina rebuild their homes so they can move back in. After all this time there are still so many displaced people who because of government red tape have not been able to receive any funds to rebuild their homes. Lizzy and Zack, armed with volunteers and donated funds have changed the lives of so many people that our government has just left behind.
Here they are feature on Anderson Cooper 360. To say I am proud and honored to be their friend is an understatement.

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