Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy B-day Princess Sofia!

Yesterday was our beautiful Princess Sofia's 1st birthday! I cannot believe that a year has gone by since Sofia burst forth screaming her beautiful little lungs out while the members of our family stood outside the looking glass crying like fools because she was finally here.

The first picture of our little princess.

I'm 1 and I'm fierce y'all.

Sofia had a huge party with lots of kids and adults and yummy food and presents. She had a monkey cake and a zoo themed cake as well.

Get your own cake biatch, this one is all mine.

It was a fun read more about it and see more pics head over to La Famiglia Palumbi.

I must go and rest as I was in DC today in support of my friend Jen and the 2008 Scope it Out Walk for Colon Cancer. I also have a cold which is making me miserable.

Later peeps.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

In the name of Peeps

Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate the holiday!

In honor of this special day I give you the second annual Washington Post Peep show competition.

I highly suggest you look at slide #4.

Have a great holiday!

Friday, March 21, 2008

No more salt

Not sure if I blogged about this before but I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in Nov. One of the requirements to make sure that I don't have a stroke in the middle of the night is No More Salt. Usually this would be ok. I don't really ADD salt to my foods but there are certain foods that I love that have tons of salt. Capers, pickles, olives and SALSA!!!! Well the salsa if it is homemade not so much but those darn chips are what makes it off limits. And lets face can't have salsa without chips. You also cannot just have a few chips and salsa - for those of you that know me well know that I am a salsa HOG. When I used to go to Lauriol Plaza for lunch in DC I would go through at least 3 bowls of salsa BEFORE we even got our meal.

So I could not help but laugh hysterically when I saw this cartoon. It sooooo defines me and my salsa obsession which I miss dearly.

Thanks to Cyanide and Happiness for the hysterical cartoon.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A few more weeks...

....until I participate in the Colon Cancer Walk in DC.

Click here to read more or to make a donation...I am at 58% of my goal (which is $500).

Click here to read about my amazing friend Jen who at 30 was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.

Thanks to all who have already donated!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby photos

My dad turned 68 this week so we had a little party for him and of course Sofia was the center of attention as well she should be since she is so stinkin' cute.

Looking out the window.

With Nonno Mario

Big Birthday Balloon!

We had a good party with lots of good food and cake thanks to my mom. Sofia even got to practice blowing out the candles which will come in handy in a few weeks when she turns 1 - wee!!
In completely unrelated news, the picture below I happened across while cleaning out and re-arranging my old e-mails.

Baby Paola circa Dec 1973

I think Sofia looks like her aunt. Ok maybe not 100% but at the very least she has my hair and eyes. Notice the stylish dress and rubber ball that the people at Sears let me pose with during the shoot. Good times.

OK, I need to get some sleep tomorrow we are decorating shamrocks with glitter glue pens...I need my rest.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TMI Tuesdays

This afternoon, instead of doing work for school, I wasted 3 hours looking through old diary's of mine. I never do this but this afternoon's trip down memory lane was spurred by the attempt to find the name of the little village in France where I spent a week with the family I used to babysit for. After 3 hours I found that I did not write in my journal while I was on this trip to the south of France - hence no name of village.

I did, however become completely engrossed in reading about my self as a child, teenager, young adult and adult. I realized several things such as: I have been "in love" about 10,000 times, I apparently thought it was OK to profess said love to the objects of my affection through various anonymous letters and notes, said objects of my affection have never loved me back, I have always thought I was fat even when I wasn't, I may have suffered from mild depression as a teen, I was palpably lonely as a young adult, and I have sucky handwriting - extra sucky when intoxicated. Some of the journals have locks on them which I was able to pick open with a bobby pin - something I am sure my mom did as well.

As a result of this look back I have decided to share with you once a week the wisdom and "truths" that I have written about over the last 26 years - I started journaling in 1982 at the wise age of 9.

So in honor of my first TMI (too much info) Tuesday I honor you with the first journal entry of my life dated 9-3-82 entitled "Poem of the Day."


I want to learn to whistle.
I've always wanted to.
I fix my mouth to do it, but
the whistle won't come through.

I think perhaps it's stuck, and so I try it once again.
Can people swallow whistles?
Where is my whistle then?

I ended the entry The End with a heart around it. There are 2 other hearts on the page as well placed there for no particular reason.

I am surprised that my parents let me out of the house without a helmet.

Feel free to delve into your scary pasts and send me any entries you would like to have the world hear about. I promise that my future posts will be more interesting than Whistles. There is some pretty crazy stuff in there. I also promise to change the identity of anyone who may or may not read this blog...although most of the more juicy things happened way before I even knew what e-mail or the Internet was so y'all are probably safe.

On that note....a la prossima ragazzi....

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jedi Mind Tricks

Princess Sofia gets cuter by the minute - as you can see from these pictures. We are excited for her first easter and we cannot wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings.

I mean really - those cheeks, those eyes, that smile - cuteness!!!!
Me loves!

Grad school is on spring break this week so I have a few nights to catch up on reading and projects and tutoring - I am more behind than I have ever been - and of course it is totally my fault for being ADD. and lazy. and in love with my television.

Speaking of love...we just got Verizon FIOS installed and it is truly one of the awesomest things ever. The fact that I can record something on the DVR downstairs and watch it on the DVR upstairs is awesome. I can finally watch Lost on an HD tv...enough said. Now that Project Runway is almost over I am going to have to find another show to watch devotedly...and not Make me a Supermodel which is the worst show ever and yet I continue to watch. I think it's a Jedi mind trick - Casey Skinner is just so beautiful that I am helpless when I come across the show and have to watch. Aaahhh tv.

Ok, I am off to a playdate with my nieces and nephews.