Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting hot in a photo booth - DC meets and beats Miami - White Hot 2007

I spent the past weekend in DC lunching with ex-coworkers and attending fundraisers. In a way I miss my old life. My co-workers from Empson USA are doing well. It was awesome to see them and catch up on every one's news.

On Saturday night my ex-roommate, Gina, and I attended a fundraiser thrown by our good friend Lakisha. In her infinite goodness Lakisha and two other fabulous ladies, Vicky and Betty, have started Giving Tree Charities. Their first fundraiser, White Hot 2007 had a South Beach in DC theme. It was a blast. Gina and I met Jenny for dinner at Lima beforehand. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in DC. Amazing food, amazing atmosphere. Below are pics of me and Gina enjoying cocktails on the white couches in front of the restaurant.

As you can see - the attire for the evening was white. After dinner Gina and I attended the pre-party VIP reception at The Madison Hotel. There was much champagne drinking and strawberry eating for all us "VIP's".

The Empties

Some VIP's

Then we headed over to the party where rockin' band Liquid A pumped out tune after tune. There was lots of dancing and even some removal of clothing - who was that guy anyway?

Liquid A

I proceeded to get more and more tipsy as the night progressed. Those pics will not be posted here only because I look totally beat. As a future teacher I don't think that would be appropriate. However, fun was had by all and the lucky charity of the night was The Alternative House - benefiting abused children in the greater DC area.

Me and Lakisha - philanthropist extraordinaire.

Like I said it was good to be back in DC. I took the metro into Alexandria to have lunch with my ex-coworkers and the metro took me right by my old house. The tree in the back yard is in bloom - I remember when we bought the house it was May and the tree looked dead. In July it bloomed beautiful purple flowers to my delight and surprise. I wonder if the new owner loves the house as much as I first real home...first real mortgage. Walking down King Street there were some new stores and restaurants but there were a lot of the same familiar places as well. As I walked down that street to Cosi, a street that I walked everyday for three years while I worked at Empson, I couldn't help but smile at how far I have come since I first walked down that street. I was 26 years old when I bought that house. Chronically single, working in DC in a job I did not particularly like, wondering how on earth I was going to pay my mortgage and still have a life on my miserable salary. Flash forward 8 years. I sit in the beautiful living room of my second home, 9 weeks away from my wedding. My step-cat is clawing up my rug and meowing to go outside. Dan is already asleep upstairs. I no longer hate my job. I have a beautiful niece. I think I have arrived. Too bad it only took 34 years.

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