Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Daze

It is back to school season and I have to say that I LOVE this time of year!!!  We have an in-service tomorrow and next week we are back in our classrooms making them ready for a fresh new group of little ones.

I am excited about so many things this year. Two fantastic new grade partners. A new principal. Maybe some lunch bunch shifts. And of course the best part - a new group of students - cuddly and adorable and ready to have fun!

I have always been that student who looks forward to the start of school.  Being a teacher is no different.  I am excited to see the wonderful women I work with again on a regular basis.  I cannot wait to re-arrange and decorate my classroom based on what worked and did not work last year.  Did I mention school supplies?  Possibly the best things ever invented!!!  Construction paper!  Glue!  Crayons! Pencils! Yay!!!

I have always felt that September was a time for new beginnings, more so than January.  And so I go into this September with high spirits and the joy of knowing what good things I have to look forward too.  May all of you feel this joy also as the school starts and the seasons change.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Off to the AWF Board Meeting in Los Angeles.  I CANNOT wait to fly there.  By MYSELF. In FIRST CLASS.  My Kindle is giddy with anticipation of the intimate time we will spend together WITHOUT interruptions.  Or having to be read in the bathroom with the door locked.
I am also hoping to make it out the the fantastically decked out Restoration Hardware in Beverly Hills.  I know, I know...I go all the way to LA and all I want to see is the same store I work in...but the people who have been there say it is magical.  And they serve tea.  How can anyone resist?

Have a great weekend everyone!!