Thursday, April 30, 2009

Every generation has a chance to change the world

Only 10 days left to make a donation to the 7th Annual African Well Fund Build a Well for Bono's Birthday Fundraiser.

Click here to donate.

I know that times are tough financially but the next time you drink a glass of water think about how many people do not have access to such simple thing...a sad yet shocking reality for so many less fortunate than us.

As U2 says, "Every generation has a chance to change the world." Let our generation be responsible for providing clean water to those who need it.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quick updates

Since I find that I have not time to write meaningful posts...I have ideas all the time just no time to actually write about them...I figured I would try to do some quick jot updates every now and again so people don't think I am dead.

Grad school still math course especially. I think this teacher may be the worst professor I have ever had and I will be lucky to get an A...grrrr.

Simon attended his first story hour at the library. We sang songs, listened to stories and watched puppets perform. I think he liked it - he was probably just happy to be out of our house and surrounded by people other than myself. I met some moms in the neighborhood and am looking forward to hanging out at the play ground after story time next week.

Simon got his passport today...Italia here we come!

I am really loving Lost this season...I look forward to watching each episode on Thursday mornings while Simon sleeps on my pathetic am I?

Earthquake update: My family is ok. Our house suffered some minor disruption in the form of pictures falling off the walls and knick knacks broken but nothing major. Thank goodness. Abruzzo will never be the same. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. The National Italian American Foundation is collecting relief funds. If you are interested in making a donation click here.

OK, I have to sleep...I am so tired and Simon will be awake before I know it.

I hope everyone is well and I hope to see or hear from most of you soon!

Ciao a tutti!

Friday, April 03, 2009

4 months

Where has the time gone!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This post is for all those Americans living in Italy that may or may not read my blog. For those of you that have children and use formula...what brands are available in Italy? We will be heading over to Abruzzo in, Mom and Simon first...and I will have fully weened Simon by then. We supplement now with Enfamil Prosobee Formula (pictured above) which is soy based...what are the odds of us finding that there?

He will be 7 months so I am sure if we bring a can of Enfamil and mix it with the Italian stuff he will get used to it but we will be there a month so I want to be sure we have all our bases covered. I am afraid if we abruptly switch his formula it will upset his stomach.
I am excited for our trip and nervous about the logistics of travelling overseas with a 7 month old...thank goodness for my mom!!!
Today is Simon's 4 month b-day... I will post his 4 month pictures tomorrow.
Please post in my comments if you have any suggestions for formula...I will be forever grateful!!!
Mille grazie, amici!!!