Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Home Stretch

I am taking a mini-break from finishing my student teaching binder.  I am really thinking I will be able to turn it in on Monday - miracle!!!

I had a good week weight loss wise - I am officially 27.2 lbs lighter than I was in August.  It feels great but what is even better is that I pulled a pair of jeans out of the "jean graveyard" in my guest room, jeans that I have not worn since summer 2005 and they fit!!!  Hooray!!!!  The fact that I spent Thursday night barfing my guts up probably contributed to the weight loss but I am not complaining.

I got the job at LOFT and start Tuesday.  Was supposed to start yesterday but was so weak from puking - and not sleeping due to Spy waking up exactly 15 minutes after I stopped puking at 4am and then staying awake until 7:30am - that I had to cancel.  I was so bummed because I could not wait to get started...sigh...I hope they don't write me off as some irresponsible person because I bailed on the first day of work.  Although I am sure they would not have wanted me potentially vomiting on LOFT customers so I guess in the end it worked out.

Despite my fantastic weight loss I am not doing a good job of exercising so I went out and got an exercise mat to try and squeeze some ab work in on those days when Spy wakes up so gosh darn early that I want to scream...I might as well try to wake up with some ab work while Spy runs around like a mad man in the AM.  I swear this kid is the earliest riser ever...where the heck did he get it from?  Clearly not Dan nor I.

OK, kiddies, back to my Diagnostic Profile.  Until next time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Destinazione Paradiso

In February, my family and I traveled to the Dominican Republic for a week.  We stayed at the Coconut Palms Resort in Cabarete which is on the North Shore of the DR.  It was a fantastic parents got to spend some quality time with their grandson and Dan and I got to relax and drink frozen drinks and soak up some sun.  The resort is no frills but family friendly and the apartments were large and clean.  The best part about the whole trip was how nice everyone was.  By the end of our stay Simon had quite a fan club.

 The view of the beach from the balcony of our room.

The pool at the resort.

With Dan in Puerto Plata at the San Felipe Fort

Simon demanding his Happy Hour pineapple slices.

The view at the beach.

The real way to drink a Pina Colada.

Simon buckles up for the ride home.

Until next year Cabarete...we will miss you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

You have a brown tooth...

So my weigh in on Sat went really well.  I was down 4.2 lbs (yikes!) so my total weight loss is 26.2 lbs.  I am very pleased with myself even if I am still not able to run more than 3 minutes at a time. 

I subbed today at my old pre-school in the 3 year old classroom.  It was so much fun...I really miss being a teacher at this school.  The woman that I worked with when I was there is retiring so I am hoping and praying that they will hire me in September to replace her.  In the meantime I have an interview tomorrow afternoon at Ann Taylor LOFT...totally random, I know but we could use the extra income and my wardrobe could definitely use the discount.

I think my favorite part about today was one of my little monsters telling me that my "tooth was really brown and I should brush more often."  Hummmm, I was kneeling down and looking at him right up close trying to explain to him why he needs to keep his hands to himself. Way to change the subject and disarm me, three year old sociopath.  Just kidding, he is not a sociopath but he is a bit of a terror.  And yet I had a blast today jumping back in, breaking up the "fights" and reading stories and playing with Playdoh (sp?).  I want to do it all the time!!!  Oh and for the record I asked around and I DO NOT have a brown tooth.

I am on my laptop or else I would post some pictures of the Dominican.  I will promise to do this of the times I post from our desktop.  In the meantime the weather is supposed to be getting nicer this week so I am looking forward to many walks and some playground time with Spy. 

Speaking of hit me the other day that my baby is no longer a baby but a little boy.  I cried as I watched him try to walk down the two stairs in our family room without turning around and crawling down.  He made his way over to the wall, held onto the gate, and walk down the stairs...sniff, sniff.  Where did the last 15 months go?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Catching Up

What a crazy night.  We went to La Locanda for my Dad's dinner party and I ended up having to leave because I felt like crap.  Mom took Simon home with her so I could sleep, lest I ended up vomiting all night, which thankfully I did not. 

I went for a run outside yesterday and I almost barfed up a lung.  That should have been my first clue that I was not feeling well but I chalked it up to not having been able to work out since before my trip to the Dominican (will post pictures next).  I definitely gained at least 5lbs during my vacation...many many Pina Coladas at happy hour will do that to you.  When I weighed in on Sat I was up 3.2lbs so I was able to lose some before the meeting.  I tried out a new meeting with my friend Dawn and I really liked it.  Sometimes it is good to shake things up and it is nice to have Dawn there to bounce ideas off of.  I really miss my old leader, Jess, but she switched to a different meeting too far away from KOP.  The person that replaced her was ok.  So I decided to try the Collegeville meeting and it was good.

I am not sure if I am going to be able to run a full 5k on April 17.  I am still going to sign up for it and try but I am still only running about 3 minutes at a time and no more than that.  But that is 3 min more than I could run in Jan so I am happy with that.  There are others walking this particular race so worst case I run and then walk the rest of the way.

I have to start doing some core training - the running is not going to be enough to help me reach my final weight goal by the end of the year.  I think I have a new incentive - if I reach my goal and maintain my weight for 6 weeks and make it to life time I am going to get one of my tattoos redesigned.  I have 2 that are old and fading that need to be touched up but I think that I might have one redesigned in honor of my son.  I have been thinking about it for a while so hopefully by the time I reach my goals I will have figured out what design I want and they will be able to do something over the existing tat I have.

OK, I have to get dressed and pic up Simon.  Pics of the Dominican to follow in the next post.  Ciao!