Monday, July 09, 2007

Envelope licker

I am taking a break from the heinousness of doing my wedding invites to complain about the heinousness of doing my wedding invites. For any of you contemplating on getting married do yourselves a favor and elope. The mad detail of the invitation process is excruciating. So many pieces to put together. I decided to run labels which I must have checked a million times and still found typos - I apologize in advance. I am really hoping that people just glance at the outer envelope, rip it open and just throw it away.

I am sealing the envelopes now and cannot help but think of poor Susan from Seinfeld who perished licking her cheap wedding invite envelopes.

RIP Susan, I am using a moist sponge.

1 comment:

Chickytava said...

I got my invite this week! And I didn't notice any typos. And I'm glad you didn't suffer the fate of Seinfeld Susan b/c I really am looking forward to your wedding day!