Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where is summer?

Ok, so I broke down and went to the tanning salon today. I know, I know, it is bad for me but I have HAD IT with this cold weather. I only went for 4 minutes so as not to burn but I needed to do SOMETHING.

For those of you that live on the East Coast and have forgotten what summer looks like, I post these two pictures. They were taken in Alba Adriatica (provinca di Teramo) in August of 2005.

The view from under my umbrella.

Tan, oh where oh where did you go?

Since the blog is called Italianissima let's talk about Italy for a bit shall we.

Alba Adriatica is a small sea town on the Adriatic Coast in the region of Abruzzo. My family has a little apartment there where as a teenager I was lucky enough to spend every summer. The beach photo is taken on the "spiaggia libera" or "free beach." This just means that you bring your own umbrella as opposed to renting one from the many beach "establishments" that surround the free beaches. When I was a teenager we rented at "Il Calimero." Still to this day, if I am ever there, the owners, Teresa and Riccardo as well as their children Maurizio and Ilenia still let me stay there for free for the day if I want.

My goal is to one day be able to take my future children here as well during the summer. Hopefully when I am a teacher this will be possible. I can take the kids for 5/6 weeks and Dan can meet us for the last few like my parents did with us.

And BTW,while I am not in the habit of posting pictures of myself with such little clothing on, I am doing so because I need a serious kick in the pants to get my diet and exercise routine back on track before Sept. 22. I look good in this picture. Now, not so much.

Stay warm, peeps!


Chickytava said...

Paola P.!!! Tanning?!?!?! Don't do it!!!

Italianissima said...

I know it's so bad. I am only going for a couple of sessions at half the alotted time. Then I will switch to the spray tan. It is just something I have to do to lift my spirits :(