Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Easter pics

I finally got my camera back from my mom. Here are some more pictures from our Easter get together...Ok, they are mostly of Sofia but she is so pretty :-)

At La Locanda with my parents and Uncle. Notice how Sofia is the center of attention - and so tiny!

Here she is after La Locanda - she actually woke up and we snuggled for a while after this pic was taken.

A tiny smile perhaps? I cannot get over how freaking cute she is!!!

OK, enough Sofia worship for today. I leave you with this horrific picture of me after eating too much while out with Chris and Suz on Friday night. I am only including this because JD is feeling my pain and is sacked out next to me in solidarity which in itself is pretty awesome. Feel free to gouge your eyes out.

Blech. I look like hell. I cannot wait to go on my honeymoon! Later peeps!

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