Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Early morning nastiness

I come into work this morning and there is a black cotton thong sitting on the reception desk. I look at it thinking that I must be hallucinating - there is no way that there is a thong on the reception desk. But alas, it is no hallucination. It really is there. I call over my co-worker to discuss this disturbing situation. We also notice old promotional t-shirts and point of sale items near the thong. We remembered that yesterday afternoon our boss was cleaning out his office. We decided that the thong must have been in his office.
Now, if I were cleaning out my office, and found a piece of underwear, I would throw it away, bury it down deep in my trash can so that no one would find it. Not my boss. Apparently, he felt that one of us in the office might "want" the thong and so displayed it on the reception desk along with the other promotional items he found while cleaning.

So my other co-worker comes in, the one who actually sits at the reception desk, and doesn't even notice the thong. In fact it is still sitting out there on his desk. I have officially started a "thong watch" to see how long it takes before someone makes it go away.

I will keep you posted.

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