Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy Sundae

Ok, so I will admit to being a bit buzzed as I write this. Dan and I spent a lazy Sunday doing a little bit of this and that which culminated in a bar-b-que at Chris and Suz's house where I helped Suz polish off a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Now here I am.

Sofia came over on Friday with a present for her Zia Paola - an enormous cookie from Mrs. Fields which read "Will you be my godmother?" in yummy vanilla frosting. I took a picture but I am not sure I have the strength to find my USB cord to upload the photo. Seriously, it was the cutest thing ever as is she. She is getting bigger and no longer looks like a newborn but a full fledge baby. Here are some pics Lisa sent me this morning:

Sofia stretching

Come here I gotta tell you something


Seriously, she is so freaking cute! I got to change her diaper on Friday and I almost cried - she is still so tiny and amazing!! I cannot believe how beautiful she is!!! And I am not saying this because of the wine...she really is beautiful!!!

OK, off to try and finish (yeah right) some school work before I pass out.


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