Friday, April 20, 2007

More Italianness

Well, I guess mother nature read my post about missing the sun because it is freakin' beautiful outside today. So in her honor I post some more pictures from Italia, mainly Teramo, where my family is from.

The view of the Gran Sasso from our house.

My Nonna Linda showing my mom how to make gnocchi the "right way."

The finished product.

The tiny 15th century church where my parents were married.

Dan in front of our house.

The fortess at Civitella del Tronto.

This 11th century fortress was the northernmost Bourborn citadel to surrender to the armies of Vittorio Emmanuele I in 1860. Civitella is only a few miles from Garrano Basso which is where our house is. Garranno is only a few kilometers outside of Teramo - which is a rather large city in Northern Abruzzo - for those of you that are keeping score.

OK, that is enough Italy for today - this weekend I will dig through my pics to see if there are any other post worth pics of Italia.

Godetevi questa bellissima giornata di sole!!! Ciao, ciao!

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