Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Manolo knock off

So when I said my new wedding shoes were very Manolo I really meant it. Here are the shoes from SATC that Carrie had stolen at Tatum O'Neill's house during her baby shower.

I must have stored this image in my subconscience because my wedding shoes were the first ones I tried on and the only ones that I thought were appropriate. I miss SATC. Sigh.

Happy Tuesday!


Digital Housewife said...

Nice shoes !

Hi, thanks for commenting on the Teramo pictures on my blog. Since you are familiar with Teramo and I am not, never been to Italy. Are you familiar with a small town called Paganone in Teramo?
I was looking for pics but didn't find anything.


Stefanaccio said...

I know Teramo a bit but not able to located Paganone. Are you sure this is the correct spelling?

Valle San Giovanni in Abruzzo