Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cuteness galore

We were supposed to get our engagement pictures taken today but since I look like Rudolph we postponed. Instead we went to pick out our wedding bands. It was pretty uneventful and just one more thing we need to save up for...sigh...the list is never ending.

Then tonight we went out to La Locanda with Eddie (our best man) and his wife Jeannie. It was really fun - they are a blast - and newly married as well. All in all we had a good day.

I leave you with what is quite possibly the cutest picture of Prince Charming and JD. How can you NOT love this man and his cat?


Chickytava said...

I love a man in a Wet Willie's t-shirt!

Sorry about your nose. You have to admit though... it's a little funny.

Italianissima said...

I got him that shirt when I was in Miami...their drinks are so yummy how could I not bring back a souvenir?