Sunday, March 18, 2007

They Cannot Take Our Freedom!

For St. Patty's Day, Dan and I went to visit his sister Kelly's family in Hellertown, PA (just outside of Bethlehem). Kelly and I went to pick out her bridesmaid dress in a lovely little hamlet called Palmerton. The dress shop, Ann Margaret, left much to be desired but our mission was accomplished and Kelly got her dress.

Afterwards we went back to her house where Kelly, her husband Rich and their kids, Cody and Morgan, made us dinner. We started celebrating St. Patty's Day after dinner with the super cool Heinekein mini keg.

The Mini Keg - the ulimate invention

Soon Rodney & Melissa arrived as well as Dan's sister Lorraine and Kelly's friends Mike and Corinne. After some drinking at home we made our way to the bars...first stop, Braveheart Highland Pub.

Now go figure there was no Irish Pub in Hellertown but there is a Scottish Pub. It's actually pretty nice - shiny and new on the inside with free flowing Guinness. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Kelly and Melissa with lots of flair.

Kelly and Rodeny - he wins best costume hands down

Dan has his shot glass and whistle ready to go!

Dan and his sister Kelly and Lorraine - Yeager's in the house!

Soon I will be a Yeager too! Yay!

Dan half way through the prime shape.

Kelly and Rodney do a "keg stance"

The "mouse" in the bathroom. I love that he has a martini glass in his hand!

How many drunks can you fit in the trunk?

After Braveheart we headed out to another bar, this one called Beer Mussles. We didn't stay here for very long but we did meet some interesting people. Meet Ray.

Ray was like the old man in the Great Adventure commercials. He cut a rug and schooled some of our more drunk friends at pool. He was in a word, interesting.

We left shortly after since the bar closed and we were forced to go home. Although we did manage to go to 7 Eleven before going home to get a "big bite" for Rodney and some chocolate chip cookies for Dan.

All said and done it was an awesome night. Thanks to Kelly and Rich for hosting us!

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