Saturday, March 10, 2007

French Kisses and Crafts

Last night was fun. I was able to make dinner without poisoning my brother and sister-in-law which is a minor miracle. Let's get one thing straight. Just because I am Italian does not mean I can cook. At all. But I managed OK. I was also able to finish one of my take home midterms which is important since I have 3 due early next week.

This morning my brother & sister-in-law picked me up bright and early and we headed over to Candlebrook Elementary's First Annual Craft Fair. Lisa set up a table and sold her amazing pictures of Italy.

How cute is she - she doesn't even look like she is about to give birth...sigh...I can't wait for the little monkey to be born so I can spoil her/him.

The fair was fun. Lisa sold about 6 pictures and I bought a cute bird house and the complete novels of Jane Austen. I am a sucker for used books. Oh and I bought a shawl as well. You know for the transitional weather that hopefully is on it's way.

Now I am sacked out on the couch watching French Kiss and procrastinating like crazy - as I mentioned my mid terms are next week and I have some serious studying to do.

OK, that's it for now. A la prossima, ragazzi!

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