Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another Thanksgiving comes and goes. I was not blogging since I had a heinous sinus infection the week of Thanksgiving which kept me from work and unable to even use my computer.

We spent Thanksgiving (and the weekend) in Altoona, PA with the in laws. It was alot of fun and 9 of Dan's 15 siblings were there with their sig others, kids and spouses. Since the in laws do not have a TV (oh the horror!) we spend alot of time eating my MIL's delicious cooking, playing board games, playing Yahtzee on the laptop (which we brought) and reading. We even ventured out to the mall on Black Friday just to stretch our legs a bit.

On the way back from Altoona we stopped in Mechanicsburg, PA to visit with another of Dan's siblings and his 5 kids (one on the way). Then that night we stopped by his oldest sister's house where we enjoyed another turkey dinner and a great visit with the rest of the siblings - only the oldest brother was missing - or else we would have seen them all at some point during the holiday. It gets tricky when you are one of 16 children...

Last night we had dinner at my mom's and I finally got to see Princess Sofia who has HER FIRST TOOTH!!! YAY!!! Her first toof is breaking through and it makes her adorable smile unbearably cute. She has learned to clap hands when we sing her the Italian folk song Batti Batti Le Mannine (clap, clap your little hands). Between the toof and the clapping I almost lost it - she is soooooo cute!

And so I leave you with another adorable pic of the princess! Buona notte!

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