Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?

I see someone who is doing everything humanly possible NOT to write her paper which is due tomorrow...and she has to work tonight.

Sigh, the ADD is not getting any better. What is worse, my house is in shambles, I am not sleeping at all, I have not been working out. All because I am in denial over a paper. I seriously need to get over myself.

The bright spot in my day was reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? by Bill Martine and Eric Carle and then creating brown fuzzy bears with tissue paper today in Toddler Talk. My life is pathetic.

Off to see if I can make some headway before I leave for the restaurant.

A better post later this week - I promise.

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A Novelist said...

Look over on my blog...I've tagged you for a post. Participate if you wish. Have a good week! :)