Saturday, November 17, 2007

Allebach Photography

Getting married any time soon? I absolutely 100% enthusiatically recommend my wedding photographers. Mike and Rachel at Allebach Photography are amazing. We just got the CD of our pictures and we love them all. Below is just a sampling of the 700+ pictures. Seriously, if you can book them do it. Their packages go on sale after Thanksgiving through Dec 31 which is when we booked last year. Worth every penny!

There is no better feeling then seeing you and the ones you love look so beautiful on such an important day.

I cannot wait to get my album!


Sherry said...

Beautiful photographs!
Beautiful couple!!
So much fun to see the proofs and then choose the ones you want to want them all!! :)

Phil said...

So if they gave you 700, how many did they take?

For me, I am happy if I get 10% I like... Even if they only gave you 25% of the ones they liked, that is roughly 3000 photos total they took. Youch!

Nice snaps of a great done nontheless.

Italianissima said...

Sherry, the photographer gave me all the photos on CD so I can print the ones I want - it is great!

Phil, I think he took 755 photos and gave them all to me on CD along with a release so I can print the ones I want. The thing is they were all pretty good. Do you think he took more than that? It was a pretty good deal and they were so professional!

chrissy said...

You guys look gorgeous! Love the photos!

A Novelist said...

These are all gorgeous photographs! You are simply beautiful and both you and your husband look so happy lost in the moment with each other. Thanks for sharing with us... :)