Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Home Stretch

I am taking a mini-break from finishing my student teaching binder.  I am really thinking I will be able to turn it in on Monday - miracle!!!

I had a good week weight loss wise - I am officially 27.2 lbs lighter than I was in August.  It feels great but what is even better is that I pulled a pair of jeans out of the "jean graveyard" in my guest room, jeans that I have not worn since summer 2005 and they fit!!!  Hooray!!!!  The fact that I spent Thursday night barfing my guts up probably contributed to the weight loss but I am not complaining.

I got the job at LOFT and start Tuesday.  Was supposed to start yesterday but was so weak from puking - and not sleeping due to Spy waking up exactly 15 minutes after I stopped puking at 4am and then staying awake until 7:30am - that I had to cancel.  I was so bummed because I could not wait to get started...sigh...I hope they don't write me off as some irresponsible person because I bailed on the first day of work.  Although I am sure they would not have wanted me potentially vomiting on LOFT customers so I guess in the end it worked out.

Despite my fantastic weight loss I am not doing a good job of exercising so I went out and got an exercise mat to try and squeeze some ab work in on those days when Spy wakes up so gosh darn early that I want to scream...I might as well try to wake up with some ab work while Spy runs around like a mad man in the AM.  I swear this kid is the earliest riser ever...where the heck did he get it from?  Clearly not Dan nor I.

OK, kiddies, back to my Diagnostic Profile.  Until next time.

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