Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Biggest Gainer

I had a revelation tonight.  D and I went to dinner with Spy to a local place here in KOP.  It is a bar mainly but there are about 9 tables for those who want to eat in.  Almost all the tables were full and every single person sitting at each table, with the exception of D, was overweight.  I include myself in this scenario as I still have a long way to get my BMI into a healthy range.  Most of the patrons were women and more than half of these women were clearly obese. We are talking Biggest Loser size.  Of course at this point I had already ordered my chicken quesedilla so by the time it came I had 2 pieces and was so disgusted with myself (for not ordering salad) that I had the rest wrapped up for D to eat for lunch tomorrow.

I have never been in a restaurant before where all of the patrons were overweight.  What a huge eye this wear we are heading as a nation?  I mean I know that there are TV shows and news reports in abundance telling us how we are on the fast track to being the fattest nation in the world but until tonight it really did not sink in.

And so now I am beating myself up because I have been having a rough couple of weeks with staying on track with what I am eating.  Last night I had popcorn and a Russel Stoffer Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny for dinner.  I mean really, what the eff?  We have no food as I need to go grocery shopping - on my to do list for tomorrow if Spy is not acting like a mad man - so it is inevitable that I will eat poorly.  The kicker...I enjoyed this dinner of champions while sacked out on the couch watching The Biggest Loser...I just might pitch my own show, The Biggest Gainer, but then after what I witnessed tonight we would have to include all of America.

I know that I need to look at this difficult week in a positive light.  I have lost over 25 lbs and am healthier now than I was this time last year.  I had a Dr appt yesterday to get my foot checked out (I think I have nerve damage) and when I asked the Dr how much I weight at my last visit (June 2009) she said 186!  Yesterday I was 160!  So I need to keep my achievements in the forefront of my thoughts so I do not slide back into old habits and throw away all of my hard earned success.  Yes, I ate poorly today (and yesterday and most of this week) but tomorrow is a new day and I will have restocked my fridge and pantry with healthy good for me foods.  By this summer I want to join my husband at a healthy weight and be the other thin person in the restaurant when we go out to eat. 


Dixiechick said...

One day of bad choices does not totally de-rail you...just pick yourself up, start the next day with good choices, it will balance itself out...great job with the weight loss thus far!

chickytava said...

Keep it up, Paola!!!! You'll feel so much better with good food and exercise. I know you can do it.