Saturday, January 16, 2010

Proceed at Your Own Risk

OK people. I apologize in advance for the temporary blindness that may occur from viewing this post. You see, the thing is, my fabulous cousin Toni, who happens to be a personal trainer, has inspired me to take on another challenge on my road to being healthy and strong. As some of you already know I joined Weight Watchers in August 2009 and as of this morning am 20.8lbs thinner and a whole heck of a lot more healthy for it. Up to now, I have been able to accomplish this weight loss based solely on eating better and making smarter choices about how much and what I eat. The problem is I have reached a bit of a plateau. I have been lucky. Until now I have not "exercised" in the true sense of the word. That is all about to change.

In April I will participate in the 3rd Annual Sunflower Run, a 5K held in memory of Aime Willard, a former schoolmate of mine who was brutally murdered in 1996. I have never run before in my life...I mean never ever.... so this will truly be a personal victory for me. I have started the Couch-to-5K program and and gone on two "runs." I am happy to report I did not die or even barf up a lung which I was sure I would do at the very least.

In addition to training for the 5K, Toni put out a challenge to her family and friends which you can read about on her blog here. I have decided that in order to be fully prepared to successfully run this 5K I will need to be strong. I will need to work my core and Toni has provided me with the perfect motivation. So as per her request I am posting my "before" photos here, Biggest Loser style as well as my current weight which as of this morning is 166.2lbs.

My husband asked me why on earth I would want to post these photos on my blog for my friends, family and random internet lurkers to see. The answer is simple. I have come a long way since August and while I am not perfect I am very proud of everything I have accomplished up to now. If the people on the Biggest Loser, people with far greater weight issues, can bare all on national TV then I certainly can post pictures of myself during my weight loss journey. Like the 5K this is just another way of making me accountable for my actions. And if I can inspire someone else to make healthy changes along the way then even better.

I will do my best to post about my progress in the next 6 weeks. I will also promise to try and post on a more regular basis about Italy, teaching, Spy and the other things that occupy my life these days. I will post my "after" pictures 6 weeks from now so you can see how Toni's program has worked for me.

A presto, ragazzi!!!


Stefania said...

I am so proud of you Paola! You are an inspiration to us all! Baci ed in bocca al lupo! :-)

chickytava said...

Bravo, Paola. This took a lot of guts, and I'm proud of your efforts to lose weight and have a healthier body. Good job, and keep up the amazing work!!!!

Italianissima said...

Thanks ladies!
I am still waiting on my cousin for the program but I am looking forward to starting. So far so good with the running!

Lemons (Gina) said...

Best of luck to you Paola!! I credit you with helping me get motivated as well. Since I joined WW in November, I am 14 lbs lighter!