Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Hello all. Just an update. Down 2 lbs this week - yay!!!

I went on my run today and have to admit it is getting so much easier.  I am running now for 2 minute intervals something I never thought I could do.  I think I am starting to get addicted - the feeling I get when I finish my run is amazing.  Almost like I am taking a drug.  I know people say that exercise is the best medicine for the blues...jeeze they were not kidding!

In other news...I have 2 full weeks left of student teaching.  I am torn - in a way I am glad to be finishing...I need the time to finish my student teaching binder and my exit portfolio.  At the same time I am really going to miss my students.  They are my shining stars and I am sad that I will not be able to see them through to the end of the year.  It has been exciting to celebrate their successes and help them through their difficulties.  I will probably cry like a baby on my last day.

I am also confused about my job search.  At this point I go between wanting to start a job right away to waiting until summer to look for a position in September.  The issue is daycare.  If I didn't have Simon I would start right away but daycare is so expensive I kind of really need to choose my next job carefully.  I won't be certified until at least April so that is an issue as well...sigh...what to do, what to do...

OK, Simon is going to wake up soon. Must run.  Have a great week everyone!

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