Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Beginnings

This week has been a blur. I started a new job on Monday - part-time - for an academic consultant. I am her assistant and it is really a lot of fun. Laid back casual atmosphere - she works out of her home which happens to be in my parents neighborhood so I can stop in and say hi when I am done work. It is so much better than my other job. She is really flexible too so it is perfect.

Dan and I leave for San Diego tomorrow. Going to visit our friends, Mike and Dawn, before they move back to this area. I have never been so it is bound to be exciting. Only downside is that I started classes this week and I have a BOATLOAD of reading to do. A paper due next Wed and of course we are going to be gone all weekend so I have to figure out how to write the paper while on vacation! Sheesh! I will be glad to have these classes over with - I go Mon and Wed from 4:30 - 10 pm. It is a HUGE drag - campus is empty - I have to pack my own dinner since there is nothing open while I am there. Boo.

Other than that things are well. I visited Sofia last night and helped give her a bath. She is filling out - she has a dr app this week so we will see how much weight she has gained. My little peanut. Her baptism is next week so I will be sure to post pictures.

OK, I have to run - get some reading done before I head over to work.

I will post when I get back from San Diego!

ciao, ciao!

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Chickytava said...

Hope you're having fun in San Diego! I saw a stretch Hummer limo while I was home in DC, and I thought of you... :)