Saturday, May 19, 2007

Little Pink Dresses

I saw Princess Sofia today and she is getting so big!!!! I cannot stand how utterly beautiful she is. Here are two photos of her from Mother's Day wearing the cutest little dress. Sigh.

It's like she is a little doll. Tonight she was so cute. She LOVES her daddy (my brother) I can see the boys chasing after her already - and my brother trying his best to keep his little girl aways from all those unworthy boys.

I was so busy yesterday at work trying to clean out my desk etc that I forgot to post about MY LAST DAY!!! YAY!!! I already feel like a 100 ton weight is lifted off my shoulders. I have about 6 weeks to get my house in order until I start looking for a new job - unless my sister in law decides to go back to work in which case I will be watching Sofia part time (sweet). I just really need the break form work now. Classes start up again on Monday...I will be in class Mon & Wed 4:30 - 10:15 until the end of June. The last of my general ed requirements for my Masters. After that I can start concentrating on my reading classes - yay!

Other than that not much going on. I tried my wedding dress on today at my mom's house. It fit perfectly - which is good because I hope to drop at least 15-20lbs before I have to have it altered. Strange, you say, yes, but I want to have to alter it - that means that I have lost weight. Anyway, the dress is beautiful, simple and elegant and exactly what I wanted. We needed to see how it would look with my mom's veil...the something old I will be wearing that day...since we are making some alterations to it. The veil is super long to be used as is so we need to have it shortened a bit and have lace added to it etc. Yeah, exciting stuff I know but I am so pleased with how effortless the whole dress hunt was. Got the first dress I tried on. And I still love it after all these months have passed. Yay!

OK, enough babbling for now. I have to go upstairs and watch LOST Secrets which I missed on Thursday. Words cannot even describe how excited I am to see the season finale! I cried my eyes out at Charlie's epi - now we have to wait and see what happens...and then wait until Jan for the new season - boo! Oh well, it gives us the summer to re-watch all three seasons. Sweet.

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