Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mother Nature is a hater.

Snow, snow and more snow.  I am really tired of looking out the window and seeing white.  And we are supposed to get more on Monday. Really?  Is Mother Nature that much of a hater?  I guess so.

Due to the lovely weather I was unable to weigh in last week.  I was also unable to run outside.  I ran a few times inside but for some reason the treadmill makes it seem so much harder so I was unable to run any longer than 90 second intervals.  Oh yeah and I had a death cold this week as well.  Being stuck in the house meant having no where to go when I felt a feeding frenzy come along so needless to say I gained 1lb this week.  Which honestly is not bad since I really thought it would be more.

My cousin still has not e-mailed me her workout program or answered my e-mails so I am just going to go ahead and assume that I will have to find a way to work out my core on my own.  Which is fine really because I found some really great circuit routines in Fitness Magazine which may suit my needs.  Now the issue is finding the time to squeeze them in.  Now that Simon is no longer in daycare and I am at home I will have to do the workouts when he naps which also means less house work gets done.  This then becomes an issue with my never ends.  But today's WW meeting was about making yourself a priority so if the only time I can work out is when I am supposed to be doing chores then so be it.  At least for now, getting in shape and being able to run a 5k is my priority.

I realize I have not posted pictures of Spy in a while.  I apologize and promise to remedy this ASAP.  I am also recently obsessed with moving into a new house to be closer to my parents.  Yes, I know this is crazy in this market but my continuous watching of HGTV has made me house crazy.  We are just checking out what is available closer to them now and see what is out there.  It may never happen but I wanted to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later in case we find something we love.  There is no way we can have a second child unless I have more support and that translates into being closer to Mom and Dad.  And I was the one who swore she would never move back home...never say never...

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Dixiechick said...

Hi, has been a long while since I have commented on your blog..I kind of lost contact with reading my blogroll friends..Simon is getting so big!! And..congrats on the weight loss. Running is an "addicting" sport...I started a couple years ago..can't wait to run my first race this year as well. You will find yourself lasting longer and longer on your runs, without having to stop..before you know it, you will be running a 5 k in 30 minutes or less! Keep up the good work!!!