Saturday, January 12, 2008

Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright...

Sorry again for not posting but Dan and I have just gotten back from a long weekend in Jamaica. We returned to Montego Bay again, this time staying at the flagship Sandals. It was a blast - a VERY fun group of people and lots of yummy frozen drinks. Here are some pics.

Dinner at Cucina Romana with Chris and Suz

Getting off the wind sail thingy

On the wind sail thingy

Dinner at the beach party our last night - how cute is my hubby!

We had so much fun and as much as I hate to admit it - I feel a hundred times better now that I am a bit tan. I just invested in some Arbonne self tanner and their amazing bronzer so hopefully I can keep the illusion of said tan through the bulk of the winter.

Next week I start grad classes again. My books alone this semester will be over $300 which does not please me at all but it needs to be done. Luckily I got some gift cards from my students so it should help frey the costs a bit.

Iam excited about this year...I don't know if it was Jamaica that rejuvinated my saging spirits or not but I am looking forward to graduating and then to our trip to Italy...we are going in June for 2 weeks to visit my Grandmother. I am taking Dan to the Amalfi Coast - his first visit - and I am looking forward to taking him to Capri and Pompeii. We are staying at this awesome hotel The Grand Hotel Excelsior in Amalfi thanks to my brother's recommendation. The views are breath taking and I am officially excited.

After Amalfi we are renting a car and driving from Salerno to Alba Adriatica in Abruzzo. Oddly enough, Avis has rental car locations in both towns - what are the odds. We will spend a few days at my family's appartment in Alba and then we will see my Nonna. I have not seen her in 2 years so I am looking forward to it!!! I cannot wait to show her our wedding video - I really wish she could have come to the wedding but alas it was not to be. She will be 87 this year so her days of traveling to the US are over.

OK, back to watching the game...can the Jags beat NE's streak?!?!?! Go Jags!!!



You are a lucky girl, Jamaica, such a cutie for a husband and a trip to Italy this summer! the pictures....looks like you guys had a blast!

A Novelist said...

What great pictures! I love your hair too; it looks lighter. Glad you had a good time!!! ;)

P.S. (I hope someone can beat those Patriots!!!)