Monday, December 17, 2007

So many things to blog about so little time

My hubby and I just went into our basement to find that it had flooded overnight - yikes! So not what we need right now!!! Anyway I apologize for being MIA - I had finals which are now over - yee haw! I think I did well and now I have a break until mid-Jan when I tackle 3 more classes...but then in May I will have my Masters in Ed so it will be worth it!

I had my last Toddler Talk class on Tuesday - the kids were so cute - and I got gifts!!! My first as a teacher - so exciting! Toddler Talk starts up again Jan 22 so I will try to post some of our crafts for your entertainment pleasure - it was something that I wanted to do all along but never got around to photographing the final products we made.

Sofia went to see Santa yesterday - she was enthralled by him and could not tear her eyes away...

She is so cute!!! She is coming over in a little bit so her mommy and I can check out the new Steve and Barry's - aka Best. Store. Ever. which just opened up in my neighborhood. We are talking walking distance people - this could be a problem.

Other than that I am working at La Locanda and trying to get our house in order. We painted the office/den yesterday - finally - so things are coming together a little bit at a time.

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season!


A Novelist said...

I am so sorry to hear about your basement flooding! I hope everything is okay now. And your little Sofia is precious! I love her dress!!!

Sorry I've been MIA, but I'm feeling a lot better now. :)


So sorry about your basement problems....but thanks for posting my Sophia fix...she is adorable..and growing so fast!
Happy Holidays!

Italianissima said...

Novelist - so glad to hear you are feeling better - have a great holiday!

Dixie - I need my Sofia fix on a daily basis too!