Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My girls

I know I am on overload with the wedding pics but I thought this might be a helpful visual for brides who are not convinced that one dress does not look good on all. My girls were allowed to pick out their own dress as long as they were the same designer and color. Don't they look beautiful!

My beautiful Jr Bridesmaids - Juliet and Olivia

My sister in law, Lisa. My best friend Melissa

My sister-in-law Michelle and her sons Ben and Adam. Michelle's sister Suzie (who also happens to be my good friend) and her son Trotman.

Jen, my roommate from college. Kelly, Dan's sister.

My cousin Gina, my maid of honor. My dad walks me down the aisle.

Mr. & Mrs. Yeager - we did it!
Again I appologize, but as more pics dribble in I cannot help but post! Tomorrow I promise a non-wedding related post!
Buona notte!


sognatrice said...

So pretty! And I love the color!

I came here from Raquel's blog btw--I'm an American expat in Italy so I was drawn by your blog's name ;)

Italianissima said...

sognatrice, I read your blog sometimes too! I love anything to do with Italia - which I miss ALOT!