Monday, October 22, 2007

Adult onset ADHD

So I have been trying unsuccessfully for the last hour to focus on one of the many things that I have to do around the house, for school, for work...and all I have been able to do is sit on the couch and watch TV. The laptop was within arms reach hence my post.

I have no idea what has gotten into me lately. I thought the unability to focus was due to the stress of my wedding...but here I am - married one month already (yikes! has it been a month) and I am still in a mental fog.

The first month of marriage has been great. I think that fact that we lived together before hand was a huge help - we have been able to settle back in nicely without the stress of trying to merge households and figure out each others habits. I highly recommend it (as long as you are not morally opposed to it).

I got some more pictures back from the are a few...

The Sweetharts

My beautiful Zia Rosina

With Harriet and Jeremy roommates on Kirkwood Road

With Jen, Kathy and Cathy - Henle 75 (minus Rog) in the house!

It was so amazing to have all of my friends come from near and far (Cathy lives in France, Kathy just got back from Pakistan, Jer lives in Las Vegas). I am so glad that I was able to celebrate with all of them near. I hope they had fun.

As you can see from this post I am all over the board with my thoughts. I guess I should try and get some stuff done.

Later, peeps.

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A Novelist said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing! :)