Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sofia's special day

Saturday Sofia officially became a member of the Roman Catholic Church. The ceremony was officiated by her grandfather, Nick Pitocco, who is a Deacon in the church. It was really special to have her own grandfather baptise her - there were tears abound throughout several parts of the ceremony.

Here are some pics from the day. Sofia wore the gown that my brother and I wore for our baptism - so she was stylin' in vintage christeningware :) She was very well behaved for the whole ceremony - did not cry once - not even when they poured the water on her tiny head. She made her godmother proud!!!

Anyway, here they from San Diego will be next...if I can ever find the time to download them!!!

Her first vintage gown!

Proud mom and dad

At the font - Lisa's brothers Scott (pictured here) and Antonio where the godfathers.

Feel free to caption this yourselves - the cuteness leaves me speechless!

One big happy family!!!

Congrats Sofia!!!

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