Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Showers of love

My wedding shower was on Sunday. It was supposed to be a surprise but I managed to figure it out once the invites went out since people started to buy things off my registry. The miracle of modern technology. It was a really nice shower and so many of my friends and family were present - my only regret is not being able to talk to everyone that was there. Below are some pictures. I ended up getting so many beautiful things - only 1 double - aaah how I love registries!!!


Me and Dan

So many gifts!

The super yummy cake!

The Yeagers!

Top from left: Lorraine (holding Greyson), Evie, Mindy, Christy, Amy, Dan, Me, Kelly (holding Ava), Michelle and Amy. Nicole, Jackie and Morgan are my adorable nieces in front. Dan's sister Jill was the only one not there.

My cousin Gina, my maid of honor

My bridesmaids: Jen, me, Lisa, Suzie, Kelly, Michelle, Gina, Juliet and Olivia - Melissa could not be there on Sunday.

The shower was at La Locanda and the food was really good - of course I am totally biased on this front since I work there and my dad is the owner :-) Sofia even made a guest appearance and I got to show her off to all of my friends. She looked very pretty in the Laura Ashley dress I bought her. Anyway, now my mom and I have the daunting tasking of putting all my things away. Dan has already put the coffee machine and toaster oven to good use while I have removed the iron from it's box and hope to use it this weekend. Dan's shirts won't know what hit them!

Anyway, I promise to have the pics of San Diego up soon - I am so bogged down with summer session - a paper every week = yuck! only 2 more weeks to go though and we are done. Summer 2 should be amazing - Creating a Community of Readers - how fun does that sound?!?!?


Chickytava said...

Nice! And now I finally know what La Locanda looks like too!

Give me a call. Eleanor called me yesterday and wanted to know where you were registered! She didn't know you had a blog either...

Gina said...

The shower was so much fun and the food was definitely yummy!