Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This post is for all those Americans living in Italy that may or may not read my blog. For those of you that have children and use formula...what brands are available in Italy? We will be heading over to Abruzzo in, Mom and Simon first...and I will have fully weened Simon by then. We supplement now with Enfamil Prosobee Formula (pictured above) which is soy based...what are the odds of us finding that there?

He will be 7 months so I am sure if we bring a can of Enfamil and mix it with the Italian stuff he will get used to it but we will be there a month so I want to be sure we have all our bases covered. I am afraid if we abruptly switch his formula it will upset his stomach.
I am excited for our trip and nervous about the logistics of travelling overseas with a 7 month old...thank goodness for my mom!!!
Today is Simon's 4 month b-day... I will post his 4 month pictures tomorrow.
Please post in my comments if you have any suggestions for formula...I will be forever grateful!!!
Mille grazie, amici!!!


Lisa said...

You might be better off just taking a couple cans with you for the trip rather than chancing in on something Simon might not like. Then when Dan goes over he can bring over another can with him as well. Just a thought!

MB said...

I don't use formula, but I think Lisa's suggestion may be best. They do have Enfamil here but I don't know if it's the same formula. It costs about 18 euros for 900 grams. Then there are different brands like Mellin, Nestle, Milupa - the prices are similar. Where are you going in Abruzzo? That's where I am.

Italianissima said...

Lisa. we will probably do this but I was thinking if we could find it there then maybe we would not have too.

MB, we are going to Garrano Basso a small town 6k outside of Teramo on the SS Teramo-Ascoli. We are in between Teramo and Campli to be exact.

MB said...

Well I'm about two hours south of there although my brother-in-law lives in Teramo. It's lovely there.