Tuesday, March 03, 2009

3 months old

Here is a picture of my little Casanova who celebrated his 3 month b-day on Sunday. It was also his Baptism so as soon as I upload pics from everyone I will post about that.

I cannot believe that 3 months have gone by since our little man came into this world. He is changing everyday and doing so many new things. He is still a bit "Simon Scissorhands" hence the mittens...his nails grow like weeds and need to be cut everyday...something I cannot do mostly because he is so squirmy.

He is almost ready to sit up on his own and talks up a storm to anyone who will listen. Last week he slept through the night 3 times - amazing! Hopefully this trend will continue as I look like a wreck and as the photos from Sunday horrifically show I still look pregnant. I do not understand this as I do fit into at least one pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. It is a mystery. And no my feet have still not returned to their normal size...tear.

Anyhoo, I hope to get back to posting on a more regular basis...I promise to try and not make this all so Simon-centric...it will be hard!

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