Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why am I not sleeping?

Our little SPY

Finally Simon is asleep (it is 5:30am) and what am I doing? Blogging. Well at least I got 2 hours in tonight - not so bad. Getting used to working on brief spurts of sleep - which really is overrated - I just wish I did not love to sleep so much!

Spy had his 2 week appointment today (er yesterday at this point I guess) and all is well. He is weighing in at almost 10lbs which is great. Yesterday we had his frenulum (flap of skin under tongue) clipped and he seems to be feeding better which is awesome. I am hoping to eventually phase out the formula - my milk supply seems to be increasing fingers crossed! It is still hard...he eats often and so I find myself blocking things out into 2 hour increments...when you are trying to nap that is not the easiest...I hope to be able to pump some extra milk so Dan or my mom can feed him as well...or maybe I won't ween him totally from formula...we shall see.

OK, I really will try to sleep now...we shall see how successful I am!


Lisa said...

Glad the appt. went well! He's so cute, sleeping or awake!!!

MB said...

He's a cutie! It's hard in the beginning because they need to eat so often and it takes them a while to finish, so it feels like you're constantly "attached". But you need to get your rest too. To nap, try feeding him while lying on the bed. Lie on your side with him facing you. It worked for me. I was at least able to get some rest even though I didn't sleep soundly.