Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 am blogging

Rooting for the Eagles on game day.

Finally Simon is asleep...for how long no one knows. In a measure of desperation I have brought the changing pad from the changing table into my room and he is asleep there - he will not sleep in his bassinet. Last night he slept for a few hours in his car seat - tonight no such luck. He LOVES his changing pad so I hope this does the trick...along with some Buena Vista Social Club.

I am hanging on by a thread. I love my little man so much and yet this 2-3 hour cycle of feed, pump, burp repeat has worn me out. I am not producing as much milk as he needs so we are supplementing. In the hopes that more milk will come in I am pumping several times a day as well as having him feed from about feeling like a milk cow!!! But I know it is in his best interests so in the end I suppose it is worth it for him to be as strong and healthy as possible.

On Monday we have to go to the doc to get his frenulum clipped...apparently the little flap of skin under his tongue is too tight and could be causing latching problems hence the lack of he is having the procedure. It breaks my heart to have to do this but if it will help him latch than so be it.

We also had our first illness...conjunctivitis...this week. Luckily we had a pedi appt the same day we noticed it so we got drops right away.

What an exhausting week. Life really does change when you have a baby...I have no idea how people go back to work after 6 weeks...I cannot imagine mentally being able to function at work after 6 weeks of sleep deprivation.

OK...seems like he is still sleeping which means I must sleep too...that next feeding is only a short hour away.


KC said...

Hang in there, it does get easier!

Eating oatmeal helped me increase my supply. It doesn't work for everyone, but it might help you. Just in case you don't already know, is a great breastfeeding website and they have lots of advice on increasing supply.

Congrats again! He is adorable in his "Iggles" suit!

Molly said...

Lots of babies have "tongue ties" it is not unusual at all. Having that fixed should help him nurse better.

I agree with KC, is a great resource for nursing as are the message boards at

Eating oatmeal can help with supply, drinking LOTS of water too. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and there is a tea called Mother's Milk (you can get it at Whole Foods) that has helped me.

I had problems in the beginnning nursing Nate but here we are 10 1/2 months later and still going strong. If you have any questions at all you can always drop me a line at mollywolf @ or get my number from Lisa.

:) (Hang in there... you are SO completely not alone, we have all been where you are now)