Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a Croc

Ok, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Crocs. In my defense, they are flip flops, but they are still Crocs. Now I know why people are so smitten with them. These may be the most comfortable pair of flip flops on the planet. Behold the Croc Capri in Charcoal/Sea Foam:
My feet have never felt so happy - and trust me lately they have been hating me and all of my shoes...even my beautiful Italian In Blu shoes do not make my feet happy anymore. Sigh...I hope once Simon arrives that my feet will go back to normal and I can wear my shoes again. Until then I can only look at my beloved Italian shoes and wear my Crocs. At least my feet don't hurt anymore!


Gina said...

Those crocs are fine! It's the original shoe that is horrendous unless you are gardening or 4 years old.

Raquel said...

Your crocs look fashionable... not to mention, comfortable. Now these I wouldn't mind having... ;)

Molly said...

I hate to even mention it, but after I had Nate my feet did NOT go back to normal. They weren't swollen like they were when I was pregnant but I do think they got wider and I had to get rid of all my beautiful heels and cute shoes :(

I hope it doesn't happen to you, but be prepared that it might.


Italianissima said...

Gina, yeah they are better than the originals.

Raquel, they really have some nice ones out now...they have a pair of Mary Janes that look like normal shoes which I may get for winter.

Molly, I know this may happen...I am just really hoping it does not...or else I will have to sell my shoes on ebay!