Sunday, May 04, 2008

New wheels, Hawaiian Food and Hairspray

We have had a busy weekend. Dan purchased a new car on Friday. Behold our new 2008 Honda Accord

It is a pretty sweet car. Dan has never had a new car before and he is so pleased with it's effecient gas milage and sleek look. RIP Dodge Dakota will be missed (a little).

Last night we had dinner downtown at Roy's. Dinner was so good - despite the fact that I cannot have alcohol or sushi or certain types of fish. Luckily they had a pretty extensive selection of fish so I did have some yummy Mahi Mahi (which I can have once a month) and Dan had a delicious Butterfish. In short dinner was spectacular.

After dinner we went to see Hairspray at the Academy of Music. I think this may have been one of the best musicals I have seen - and I have seen a ton of musicals in NYC, Philadelphia and DC. The cast was magnificent - really spirited and having a great time. The whole night was so much fun!!!

I am still getting used to the whole pregnancy thing. I have always wanted to be a mom and cannot wait to meet my little one. At the same time I am a bit freaked out that there is an actual person growing inside of me. It is very surreal and I feel a bit like an alien or an incubator - always having to watch what I eat or drink so as not to harm the little person inside of me. It is so much harder than being on a diet. If you slip up on a diet the only person you are hurting is yourself. If I slip up now I could potentially hurt our baby. Pyschologically that is really a difficult thing to deal with. I am almost afraid to eat...almost.

Anyway, we are off to a baptism and then I get to baby sit beautiful Sofia...yeah!!! Lates!

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chickytava said...

Hey! I'm finally checking your blog after a few months absence. (Where does my time go?!?) Anyway, congrats on the baby! (I have something coming your way in the mail so keep a look out). And don't stress too much... people have been having kids for thousands of years, and somehow we all made it to this point. I was at Target the other day buying another friend a baby gift and discovered she'd registered for spoons that turned color if the food was too hot. I was like WTF??? Just stick your freaking finger in the food and see if it's hot, stupid. What is wrong with parents these days?!? I have faith you will not turn into one of these dopes. Just enjoy yourself!!! (and don't get wasted or anything) :-)