Monday, May 12, 2008

Hockey Fans Are Not Like Other Fans

We have been watching a lot of hockey in our household, what with the Flyers battling the Penguins for the Conference Championship and all. The Flyers are down 2 games but we have high hopes despite 2 defensemen out already that they can come out on top.

I usually read during the game and occasionally pay attention to the commercials. This one has to be my favorite, hands down. I can only imagine my hockey player/fan husband when our baby is born.

For your viewing pleasure


A Novelist said...

OMG - John is in heaven of course. He's a huge Penguins fan. :)

What a great series this has been to watch! Hope everything is going well. :)

srottenberg said...

Wow! It's been just a few months since we've been in touch and you've got Big News - Congratulations!