Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday Evening Book MeMe

Ok, so it is Saturday morning but my sister-in-law Lisa tagged me for a Friday Evening Book MeMe.

The rules are: take the book closest to you right now, turn to page 123 find the fifth sentence and then write the next 3 full sentences in your post. Here is what I have:

"We swoon for guys like this who know how to tease and seduce - but is this love? No one has a bad hair day or a blemish in True Love. Everyone is laughing and beautiful like the speaker in Maturai Eruttalan Centamputan's 'What She Said.'"

This is taken from "To Hell With Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart" by Mary D. Esselman & Elizabeth Ash Velez. It is sitting on my bookshelf in my living room since my friend Chrissy brought it back to me last weekend. I had loaned it to her roommate a few years back when her boyfriend broke up with her for no reason. It is a great book which follows the stages of grief and talks you through how you are feeling when a relationship ends.

I forgot I even had it until Chrissy brought it back to me. The book was a gift from my friend Melissa who worked with Mary Esselman's husband. She and I have been through many a troubled time involving men and heartache. She thought it might come in handy in the future. I on the other hand have given the book to many friends to help them through in their time of need. The poems are beautiful and the message powerful. The authors have gone on to write two more books "Kiss off: Poems to set you free" and "You drive me crazy: Love poems for real life." I have not read them but I am sure they are great.

Now let's see what books are in your life:

Dixie Chick

A Novelist


You have been tagged!


bleeding espresso said...

Hah, the closest book to me right now is the Italian version of "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Does that mean I'll have to translate it too? Sheesh ;)

Italianissima said...

Sognatrice, I love the Alchemist...please do translate...not everyone is lucky enough to read Italian :)

A Novelist said...

FUN FUN FUN! Sorry I just saw this now. Thanks for the tag. You can see my results at my blog! ;)


Hey, I appreciate it..I will get it done as soon as I can...

chrissy said...

Who knew that the book would come in handy so soon??? What a neat idea!!