Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cute babies

that aren't Sofia! You may not know this but I actually have other nieces and nephews in my life. My husband is one of 16 children and at last count there are at 20+ nieces and newphews on the Yeager side of the family ranging from 15 years to 1 week old.

So in an effort to make this blog more even to both sides of my Ava and Greyson. Aren't they cute?

They are so sweet. Greyson will be dedicated at the end of the month so we get to see him and his sister along with the rest of the family.

I must also welcome the newest member of the Yeager Clan, Damien Alexander, born on Tues Jan 29 at 8lbs 10 oz.

Welcome Damien! Your uncle and I cannot wait to meet you!

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