Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Yeager

You have to love technology - not even 24 hours after Dan and I have become man and wife we already have photographic evidence of the event. No waiting for film to be developed or proofs. Here are a sampling of pictures taken by Dan's sister Evie (my sister-in-law - yay!). It really was a fantastic day - the reception was tons of fun - we had almost 300 people which I have to say is a lot - made it difficult to say hello to everyone...sigh...I hope no one is offended!

Anyway, it's half-time - GO EAGLES!!! and we are beating Detroit so I should try and get some laundry done so we have clean clothes for St Lucia. We leave tomorrow. Yay!!!

At the altar

Saying I Do

Honoring Mary

The Palumbi's

With Aunt Rosie

The Yeagers! 12 of the 16 Yeager siblings and their families.

Yes, my husband is one of 16 children so I have become a member an amazing and dynamic family - I could not be happier!!!

The game is back on. See you in a week!


Patrick said...
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chrissy said...

Wedding was great fun! I hope you are enjoying your time in St. Lucia!!