Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rock a bye

Well, 16 more days until my due date and we finally put the finishing touches on the nursery.

Yes, there is a cow my defense I figured it would be suitable for any future female children we will spawn.
My belly gets bigger and more uncomfortable. Today I noticed my first stretch marks...figures that I make it this far to get them only weeks from delivery!

Other than that things are going well. I am completely enthralled by the Twilight saga and have been reading the books non stop instead of doing work for Grad school. Sad and pathetic but true. I have been on modified bed rest for about 2 weeks now and reading has been my salvation...that and my DVR. I just cannot wait for Simon to be here so I can sleep on my belly again and at some point in the distant future get a semi-decent nights sleep!
On a different is time for the African Well Fund annual ebay auction. Click here to see what goodies we have up for sale. 100% of proceeds go to clean water projects in Africa. I know that it is difficult during times of financial distress for people to donate money...charities tend to suffer around this time but take a gander and see if there is anything you might like...the holidays are right around the corner after all!
OK, I am off to bake some pizza crust with my Pampered Chef Pizza Dough kit. Hopefully I won't completely mess it up!


Phil said...

We are expecting our first in May... I think we are shooting for a "It's A Little World" theme. Not sure how we are going to pull it off as there is little or no material out there for it!

As for Twilight, my wife LOVES it. She thought the second book was better than the first. Seems to be all the rage right now.
She teaches middle school kids and if you haven't read it... you aren't cool.

Raquel said...

It looks so sweet and cozy... your baby will absolutely love their new home! :)

Molly said...

The room is SO cute! My fingers are crossed that you go on your due date... I would love to share my birthday with Simon.

Italianissima said...

Phil, congrats on the baby - enjoy these next 6 months as they will fly by - trust me!

Raquel, it is a pretty cosy room. I am just glad it is finally finished...for a while there I wasn't so sure!

Molly, I hope I go on my due date as well. As of todays appointment, though, nothing is happening so I may have a Dec baby in the end!!

chickytava said...

Thank god I got you a cow themed shower gift. It all fits right in! I must admit, your next gift is representative of another animal (no, not year of the rat) but perhaps Baby Simon will enjoy some zoological diversity.

mybellavita said...

The nursery is precious!! I think it is perfect for a boy or a girl... Good move.