Saturday, October 04, 2008


Congrats to my sister in law, Lisa, who celebrates 1 year of blogging today. You can check out her site here to see pics and an AWESOME video of Sofia giggling her heart out. I love this child so much...I cannot imagine what will happen when Simon arrives my heart might explode!!!

I am off to Babies R Us today with my mom..I cannot wait to see what goodies we come home with. The nursery is almost finished...we are waiting on the crib mattress and for Dan to paint a bookshelf and we can start putting it all together. In 5 weeks I will be at 37 weeks - which is considered full term even if I am actually due on Nov 28 so we are definitely in the home stretch now!!! Luckily for me my hospital room has free wifi so you may get an incoherent post while I am in labor cursing my husband for getting me in this situation to begin with...ha ha just kidding!!!

Ciao peeps!

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