Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big foot

I have been sick for the last 3 adorable little snot monsters, a.k.a. students, managed to infect me with some virulent strain of the common cold so I have been in my PJ's for 3 days.

Yesterday afternoon I actually took a shower and got dressed because I needed to go to the mall and look for maternity panty hose and a new pair of shoes to wear to a wedding today.  I am sad to report that I am now a size 9 shoe...formerly a size 8.  I bought a cheep pair of patent leather ballet flats at Payless and then another not so pretty pair of black ballet flats (Clarks) at Marshalls.  I am pretty sure neither of them will look good with my dress today but beggars cannot be choosers I guess.  I mean I have to wear shoes - I cannot show up barefoot - as much as I would like too.

So my fear is that my feet will never be a size 8 ever again.  If this is the case then I am going to have one hell of a shoe sale on Ebay...sigh...I mean it is really not fair that I only got to wear my Manolo turquoise patent leather pumps a few times.  Or my fantastic Bestsey Johnson leopard print flats.  Or any of my InBlu Italian sandals.  How depressing.

The good news is that my feet seem to be just swollen - not necessarily longer - so maybe once Simon is here and the swelling goes down my feet will be healed.  A girl can dream, yes?


KC said...

My feet got bigger when I was pregnant and then shrank back down after I had my baby- so there is hope!

Italianissima said...

I hope so...I am not looking forward to buying new shoes...I love my shoes!!!